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Perineal Spray is formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the perineum. It comforts you from itchiness, pain, discomfort, haemorrhoids and soreness. It prevents the skin from cracking and reduces inflammation while preventing any bacterial infection. It’s a total solution to keep your perineum healthy, moisturised and nourished preparing you for childbirth.

Childbirth can leave your sensitive tissues damaged and cause further discomfort and pains. Our carefully crafted Peri Spray not only helps you relieve and foster perineum healing but also nourishes your sensitive damaged tissues after childbirth. It increases skin elasticity and nourishes skin with minerals making it healthy, healing the after-effects of childbirth. While nurturing your lady parts it heals the damaged tissues effectively.

Neem leaf extract, Gotu kola leaf extract, Parsley extract, Thyme extract, Aloe Vera gel, Pink Himalayan salt, Lavender essential oil, Thyme essential oil, Vitamin E.