About Us

We want to support all mamas going through the journey.

Birthmother is that little birth shop that supports, cares, empowers and supports women to have the best maternal experience possible. Birthmother reminds women that her body is the temple & vessel of loving birth, and that self love and self care during this journey is essential. Birthmother provides evidence based options that will support a soon to be mama in all stages of her maternal journey. Birthmother aims to be that one place where expecting mamas can come to to arrange the support essentials needed for a positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Can you believe most women do not know what a TENS or a CUB is and how it can support her in her labour? 

Many women learn of a TENS after they have already experienced labour and birth, some on numerous occasions, and wished that they knew about it from the start. No one told them, they never read about it or saw it anywhere so they were not aware of it as an option. They were aware of the regular pain relief options provided at the maternity hospital, such as pharmaceuticals and water injections. Many women also did not know that sitting upright, using different labouring positions and active birth techniques was also an option. Birthmother is here to provide available support options for purchase and hire. Hire can be booked in well in advance, and cancelled any time.

As for me….

After working with women for some time, i realised that many women were not aware of their options, not only for labour and birth support, but also of comforting supporting essentials, that are natural and free from nasties.

Birthmother is based in Adelaide SA, and was created to be that one space where all those essentials relating to pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be found. Purchasing from seperate online stores, paying large amounts on shipping, and also having to attend physical stores to find essentials can be tiresome. Birthmother is here to make life easier for women going through the journey.

I am a mother of two little girls, a birth choices advocate and a birth doula. A big change from where i came from before having children, a legal practitioner and working for the government. Regardless, I’m an empath and a listener and supporting others has always been me.

I‘m a lover of organic red wine and addicted to Netflix after the kids go to sleep for the night. I love travelling, and i miss it! A European holiday has been calling my name….. in time i guess.

Thank you for supporting my small business I hope you find what you are looking for at Birthmother,  if we don't have what you are after or if you have any product suggestions, please let us know. We are always looking to further our support range, and supporting you.

❤️ Mirjana