Birth Pool in a Box

How does hire work?

At the moment we are only hiring birthing pools to Adelaide / SA residents as a pickup service. You let us know your due date, provide us with your email address, address and phone number, before checking out. Once you have paid for your hire, we will be in touch with you via email confirming your hire booking. Your birth pool hire will be available for pick up, from 37 weeks and your hire is for 6 weeks. All birth pool hires including package deals with TENS and CUB is hireable for 6 weeks.

How do i return the birth pool?

We do ask that you follow the instructions on disinfecting the submersible pump, and empty hose by running the provided concentrated disinfectant through the hose and pump, hang the hose up to dry before packing it away in its container. Once you have completed this step, email us at, or call us on the mobile number provided to you to arrange a drop off date and time.

How long does it take to inflate a Birth Pool in a Box?

It takes 10 minutes to inflate a Birth Pool in a Box using the electric pump provided.

Fitting the liner

The liner provided must be fitted prior to filling the pool with water. When inflating the pool, leave the top part of the pool a little soft to easily place the liner on top. Once the line has been fitted you may continue to inflate the birthing pool. Please disregard the liner after use. 

When and how do I fill Birth Pool in a Box?

Fill your pool with the non toxic food grade hose pipe provided (to ensure safety in hygiene) which is connected to your tap with one of the tap connectors provided. Filling time varies widely according to the water supply. 

For a first-time mother, a good guideline is to begin filling when contractions are regular and between 3-4 minutes apart for one hour. For subsequent births, begin filling the birthing pool when contractions are 5 minutes apart. If you have a small water tank that takes a long time to refill, you may want to begin filling as soon as contractions start. If they progress slowly or stop, you can always stop filling.

Please ensure you commence filling the pool with cold water, to no damage the pool. 

When do I get in the pool and how do I get in and out of the Pool?

If you are using the birthing pool in your own home, you may get in the birthing pool whenever you like. However it is best to not get in too early,  as it’s is known to stall labour, so best to get in once labour is established. It may help ease early labour pains. In some cases, however, it might even stop your labour altogether. For the maximum pain relief, get in the birthing pool when you are in active labor: when your contractions are coming every 3-4 minutes and building in intensity. Water is not pain relief per se, but it will help you manage the pain better as it enables you to easily move into different positions, thus helping you relax more. 

There are two main methods for the mother to enter and exit the pool:

  • Sit on side and swing legs over
  • Step in/out of pool. This flexes the pelvis and can positively affect labour progress.

For either method, the handles can be used for support. The top chamber may be partially deflated to make it easier for women with shorter legs to step over the sides. This can be done without significant loss of height of pool sides.

How do I keep the water warm?

When you are in the birthing pool, you should feel comfortable, but not too warm. In labour, the water should be maintained according to your comfort between 35-37 degrees Celsius. The latest evidence cites that the best gauge for temperature of the water is maternal comfort. If she is too hot or too cold, adjust the water accordingly and don't mind so much what the thermometer says. However, for water birth, the temperature should be 35.5 -37.5 c or the same temperature as the woman. You can use a thermometer to measure the water temperature. There will be heat loss, so someone should regularly check the temperature and remove water to add hot water to the pool, ensuring the woman is comfortable. 

How do I empty the pool?

prior to emptying the pool, ensure that the pool has been completely vacated by mother and baby. Use the submersible emptying pump and wider clear hose provided in our kit to empty the pool. You can empty the pool by placing the hose in an outside drain, toilet, or laundry sink (whichever most suits you). 

How do I clean the birth pool?

you will have a solution provided in a small silicone bottle. This is a hospital grade concentrate. Place the concentrate in a bucket of water, place the submersible pump in the bucket, and run the solution through the pump and hose, disinfecting the both of them. With the concentrate water, wipe down the sides of the pool that have been contaminated. We also check and re clean the pool, hose and pump to err on the side of caution. 

Pool specifications including pool weight when filled.

Pool Specs:
External max length 193cm
External max width 165cm
External height 71cm
Internal max length 142cm
External max width 114cm
Internal depth 66cm
Water capacity 650 litres - 80% filled, 730 litres at 90% filled
Filled weight with mother 730-770kg

A solid floor is preferable, or putting the pool in the corner of a room with joists that are rot-free, where there is more support. We cannot guarantee that your floor will support the weight of the birth pool. You may want to get an inspection of your joists and floorboards from a wood preservation company, particularly if your house is old and you have not had such an inspection recently.

What is the risk of puncturing the pool?

You can take common sense precautions to minimise the risk of puncturing Birth Pool in a Box. These include:

  • Remove pool from packaging and leave to stand inside before unfolding. In winter, we recommend a day or so to bring the pool up to room temperature. (Same goes for the liner, letting it get to room temperature prior to unfolding)
  • Always start filling the pool with cold water, and only hot water may damage the pool.
  • Keep pets away from the pool, both in storage and when inflated.
  • Prepare the floor where the pool will be, i.e. sand, vacuum, sweep thoroughly to remove sharp objects or surfaces.
  • If the pool is going on a floor that might have jagged edges, be sure to cover the floor with a plastic sheet or cloth first.
  • Take care when handling the pool. We advise against moving the pool between rooms when inflated to avoid unnecessary wear & tear.
  • Remove jewellery prior to using the pool.

In the unlikely event of a puncture, Birth Pool in a Box is designed with 3 independent air chambers so that if one chamber punctures, 2/3 of the height of the sides remains, causing considerably fewer problems than if a single-chambered pool is punctured. A puncture kit is provided with your hire. 

Are the sides of Birth Pool in a Box firm enough?

The new Birth Pool in a Box has been designed specifically to be firm enough to allow the mother, midwife or partner (max 95 kg) to sit on the sides while entering/exiting the pools or supporting the birth. The material used is 0.38mm PVC and the seams are bonded using a high-frequency welding process that fuses the two piece of material together as one. To adjust the height of the pool, the middle chamber can be deflated, while the top and bottom chambers can remain firm for the pool's stability

Is Birth Pool in a Box deep enough for a safe birth?

The depth of water in your birth pool is an important consideration, especially if you are planning on giving birth to your baby in the pool. A woman needs at least 18" of water in order for the buoyancy. The pools can also actually be "too deep" when fully inflated, depending on the height of the mother or midwife, so if this is the case for you, simply use the "adjustable height" feature in the pool by deflating the middle chamber so that the total height of the pool is comfortable for both mother and midwife. When the top and bottom chambers are fully inflated, the pool is still stable enough for sitting and leaning, while the middle chamber can be softer for height adjustment.



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