Instruction Sheet for Birth Pool Hire

 Inflatable Birth Pool Instructions 

Set Up

  1. Clean your floor area, use a blanket if you have tiles/concrete to reduce heat loss.
  2. Ensure that three sides of the birth pool are accessible.
  3. Inflate the pool from the floor up by placing the nozzle of the small pump into the pool socket. Keep the top of the pool slightly under inflated so that the liner can easily fit.
  4. Fit the liner.
  5. Complete the inflation of the top wall chamber.
  6. You can adjust the height of the pool by inflating/deflating the middle pool chamber.


  1. Attach tap hose connector to your tap.
  2. Use the blue hose only to fill the birth pool. (2 x blue hoses and hose connectors supplied in case you need the extra distance.) 
  3. Use body temperature water - 37 degrees. (Do NOT start with hot water as this may damage the pool.)
  4. The pool will take approximately 30 minutes to fill (with mains pressure).
  5. Please ensure that this hose is not placed in the water after the water has been used and birthed in. 


 ** The larger pump is the submersible pump & this is used to empty the pool.

*** Ensure that the submersible pump is used ONLY when the pool has been completely vacated and not to be re-entered. 

  1. Use ONLY the 25mm clear hose to empty out the pool water. 
  2. Have a clean bucket + the disinfectant provided on the ready to clean immediately after the pool has been emptied.
  3. Remove any debris with your strainer.
  4. Attach adaptor on top of the submersible water pump.
  5. Attach hose.
  6. Lower the submersible pump with the handle facing upright and place it in the pool.


Pump & Hose 

  1. Fill a clean bucket with water and add the supplied concentrated disinfectant to it. 
  1. Run this disinfectant water through the clear hose that was used to empty out the birth pool. (Keep some disinfectant water to wipe down the sides of the pool)
  2. Hang the hose to dry before packing it away. 


  1. Remove the liner and discard.
  2. Before deflating, wipe over the pool with a clean cloth using the disinfectant water.

 Pack up

  1. Deflate & fold the pool to fit back into the bag. 
  2. Place all clean and dry equipment back into the box. 

If you have any queries, please contact Mirjana at Birthmother on 0401655429 or 

Equipment Checklist 

  Please ensure that all bits and pieces are returned to us.

  1. Birth pool in a backpack
  2. Tub for kit
  3. 1 regular size pool liner
  4. 1 x small pump (to inflate pool)
  5. 2 x blue colour food grade filling hoses (in grey bag)
  6. 1 x larger pump (submersible) 
  7. 1 x 25mm clear hose for emptying pool (in green bag)
  8. 1 x tap adaptor
  9. 1x two way hose connector
  10. 2 x hose connectors (attached to blue hose)
  11. 1 x tap fitting (attached to blue hose)
  12. Disinfectant concentrate in a small clear plastic bottle
  13. 1 x green hose bag
  14. 1 x grey hose bag
  15. Instruction sheet / equipment checklist

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