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Is using a TENS safe & appropriate for me? 

If there are any questions re your health and the use of a TENS, please speak with your GP or the care provider looking after your pregnancy before you book your hire. The following are the situations in which you cannot use a TENS machine:

You must not use a labour TENS machine before 37 weeks of pregnancy;

over the abdomen at any time during your labour or at all or on the head;

near water or in the vicinity of children;

if you have a pacemaker or an ECD;

if you have heart disease;

if you have any heart rhythm problem;

if you suffer from epilepsy;

if you are suffering from any acute feverish conditions;

if you are suffering from infectious disease or tumours;

Or while driving or operating any machinery. 


You book your Elle Tens Plus Labour Tens Hire online, letting us know your baby's due date through The date selection, Birthmother will ensure that the TENS is sent to you, to arrive around your 36 weeks gestation. If you are booking ahead but would like to have your TENS delivered soone, ryou can request this, just mention it at the comments section at checkout. If we have any questions we will contact you. At checkout  you can either select Regular Post or Express Post. If your baby is due in less than 4 weeks, & you select Express Post, you will receive your parcel sooner. Regardless we will dispatch your TENS machine ASAP, usually within 1 business day.

Your Hire Period is 8 weeks

Your hire period is for 8 weeks. This means you will receive the TENS roughly 4 weeks before your due day (36 weeks gestation) and the TENS is to be returned to us by week 8 of your hire.  When your TENS arrives, familiarise yourself with the unit and it's accessories. Make sure you read the instructions and get a feel of how it works, that way when your in labour, it is all sorted for you. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at 

Returning your TENS Hire

Your TENS is due back 8 weeks after you recieved it. When it is time to return the TENS, place the TENS and all accessories, this includes the instructions,  wires, accessory pouch (batteries & gel pads do not need to be returned) into the pink satchel that the
TENS arrives in. The pink satchel is to be reused for return hire. You will find your prepaid return sticker inside the TENS pouch, so just stick this onto the pink satchel. Drop the parcel off at any Australia Post facility to receive a lodgement receipt in case something goes wrong with return hire. We will confirm via email when we have received it. 

When during my labour do I use it? 

The TENS can be used whenever you feel like you need to use it.  As soon as contractions become regular, however you can commence using the TENS when the contractions become painful enough to stop you in your tracks. This is likely to be before the contractions become really painful, but don't hold on to the tens for later when you are feeling uncomfortable! Ensure it is near by to pop on!

My baby is due very soon, how long will it take to receive the TENS hire?

If your baby is due soon, that's ok you can still place your order. Let us know your due date and we will aim to have your order posted within 24 hours, or the same day if you have booked before 12 pm. Don’t forget to request Express Post so the TENS arrives to you sooner.  If you request regular post, we will have it out to you within 24 hours in a regular shipping satchel. Any enquires in relation to postage and shipping please email us at 

Can I Cancel my hire?

Definately, you can cancel your hire anytime before it is dispatched to you. We will refund you the total amount, less $10 admin fee. 

Can I extend my hire?

Of course, we are happy to extend the hire period by 1 week at no extra charge we just need you to contact us about this at 

I have lost my return post parcel, what do I do? 

Unfortunately the prepaid return sticker that comes with the TENS Hire once lost is non-refundable, so you will need to purchase a new one at Australia Post and pay for the postage. We do require that the TENS is safely placed in a satchel or padded bag, wrapped in bubble wrap etc, so it does not become broken in transit. Please provide your details on the return label. You will just need to sign it before you post back the hire. Please keep your Aus Post receipt in case the TENS goes missing in transit. Please post to:


Parcel Locker 10225 66867 
366 Goodwood Road


Can I use the tens machine in water at all?

You cannot use the tens machine in the bath/ birthing pool or shower as the machine uses electrical pulses to stimulate your nervous system, & placing the machine in water will probably break the machine. So just remember to take the machine off prior to entering a shower or bath or birthing pool. 

How do the electrode pads work?

The electrode pads provided are designed to be reused meaning you can take them off if you wish to have a bath a shower. Ensure that you place the electrode pads back onto the plastic sheet that it arrived on. This ensures that the electrode pads remain sticky and clean. Avoid oils and lotions, and ensure they stay clean as much as possible so you don't reduce their stickiness. Also avoid any excess moisture. Please ensure you wipe your back properly if you have taken a bath or shower. The stickiness cannot be revived if lost. 

If I don't use my TENS, can I have a refund? 

We understand that babies and birth are always unpredictable! If your TENS hasn't been sent out yet, you can let us know to cancel your order and receive a full refund. However, since the Labour TENS hire is a service, if there is no issue with a faulty machine or delay in postage if you choose not to use the machine or are unable to use it, we have provided the service and therefore cannot provide refunds. 


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