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The CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) is designed to provide comfortable, versatile support for a range of labour positions. The advantages of an active labour and upright position for birth; while maintaining comfort, mobility and choice are essential elements for a positive, normal birth experience.

Research has shown that upright labour positions can make labour itself shorter and giving birth easier, as well as reducing the risks of common complications during birth caused by restricting natural movement. The CUB support is a multi award winning, patented support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain labour positions that are physically the most helpful for them and their babies during late pregnancy and childbirth.

The CUB can be used throughout labour as a comfortable support, either to sit on, rest on or lean over as well as to give birth to the baby on, squatting with support, all fours supported, asymmetrical kneeling. Also provides support with epidural. The CUB is suitable for use in maternity hospitals, birth centres or at home-births. 

The CUB is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways, all of which are encouraging of the most labor efficient positions. Whether using as a seat or something to lean over, being able to move freely can help the baby become optimally engaged in the pelvis more easily. This can lead to contractions being more effective and labors being much shorter.

Being in the supported squat-like position that the CUB comfortably allows, opens up the pelvis up to 30%. When we are talking about the tight path a baby has to take to be born, that additional space can make all the difference.

In addition, research shows that birth in an upright position can lower fetal distress and heart rate abnormalities by a compelling amount.

Epidural Use: How a CUB can Support you during your labour and birth?

If you have an epidural, it is important that you keep your body moving as much as possible during labor. Staying mobile during your labor encourages your body and baby to work with gravity and movement, helping your baby descend and encouraging your labor to progress.

Usually, your midwife is in charge of helping you rotate/flip/change positions every so often after you have an epidural placed.

Using a CUB while on epidural will help you maintain an upright position, allowing you and baby to work together with gravity, encouraging labour to progress. Sitting the upright position on a soft stable surface also allows for 30 percent more pelvic space. The CUBs design allows for baby to be born while sitting upright without having to reposition. (CUB to be used assisted and supported whilst on Epidural, with bottom chamber deflated).

CUB is an essential must have for all mamas requesting an epidural, and for mamas who wish to use it as a tool for birth, a more comfortable birthing alternative to a chair or a toilet seat.

The CUB user weight maximum is 120kgs and it is made of bio-compatible PVC which can outperform many other materials in flexibility, strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. The CUB has a two separate inflation chamber safety system: so even if one chamber deflates the other will continue to safely support the woman. ​It complies with BS/EN14960 which is the required standard for the manufacture and testing of inflatables and is a class 1 CE mark registered medical device.


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    Posted by Katie on 24th Jan 2022

    Thank you for your quick service, the cub is fantastic and helped me so much during my birth.