Perineal Care Duo

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A perfect duo to clean and heal your perineum. A great addition to your hospital bag/at home care.

Perineal Care wash bottle is designed to gently clean your sensitive bits after  having a baby. We all know how hard it can be going to the toilet in the days following birth. It stings! And especially if there's a tear or if an episiotomy was performed. Whilst on the loo, use your Perineal Wash Bottle, to dilute your stream, or you can use it to gently clean your bits (rectum too) with its light flow of water of healing herbs, in place of a shower stream. Tip: Mix in and dilute a little Manuka Honey to the infusion for extra amazing, anti bacterial, anti microbial healing care. 

After Birth Herbal Bath: For Perineal and Rectum Healing 25 grams

Perineum Healing Bath Herbs are a must for every birthing woman. Support the healing of tears, grazes and episiotomies. Immerse your perineum in a warm shallow bath, of antiseptic, healing herbs to soothe and speed up the recovery of perineum and rectal injury.


Organic Comfrey, Yarrow, Sage, Rosemary, Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose Petal and Kelp.


  • Comfrey, has been used for centuries in the renewal of skin and bone tissue

  • Yarrow, Sage, Rosemary and Chamomile, are all herbs that support the mending and renewing of tissue due to their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent nature

  • Calendula, is believed to increase the flow of blood to the wound site, thereby providing oxygen and nutrients essential to wound regeneration

  • Lavender, is believed to increase cell growth, supporting wounds to heal faster and decreasing the appearance of scars. The anti-microbial action discourages infection

  • Rose Petal, soothes our emotional body whilst we’re on this healing journey

  • Kelp, reports suggest that kelp has the ability to not only renew tissue but bond tissue together