Lively Living Aroma Mod Essential Oil Diffuser & Clary Sage Essential Oil - Organic 10ml

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Here you are purchasing a compact and cute Aroma Mod essential oil diffuser and an organic Clary Sage essential oil - 10 ml together, by Lively Living.

Aroma Mod Oil Diffuser

  • Innovative & stylish the Aroma-Mod cool-mist diffuser features a minimalistic design and with multiple power options, is perfect to use in your home, car or office.
  • It is the perfect compact size to take to the hospital or birthing suite with you.. popping in a few drops of clary sage while you are labouring may support your labour, by helping increase oxytocin levels, therefore making contractions more effective.
  • Perfect size for a doula bag. 


  • Cute and compact. Easy to take from work to home.
  • 4 gorgeous colour options: pattern or plain, with subtle light on the lid.
  • Great entry level price point, yet super stylish and functional.


  • 5 in 1 multi functions
  • Operates up to 4 hours continuously  (no intermittent function)
  • 60ml Water Capacity
  • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
  • Comes with USB cord with standard wall plug
  • Fits in some expandable cup holders in vehicles. (though not all)
  • No heat source used
  • Auto switch off on low water level
  • Product size 9cm diameter x 7.5 cm height
  • Ideal for desktops, personal spaces, maternity suites, caravans & vehicles.

The Aroma-Mod will instantly purify, cleanse and refresh the atmosphere and create healthy negative ions to improve air quality. The essential oils are easily absorbed, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy all day long.

Clary Sage Essential Oil


  • A popular essential oil for supporting women through all stages of their reproductive cycle; Menstruation, Childbirth & Menopause. It is also a mild analgesic, helping to calm the woman during labour. Known to increase oxytocin, stimulating contractions. Great in a diffuser for the labour space. 


  • Balancing Hormones, ideal whilst pregnant and also for menopause,
  • Known to relieve stress, and anxiety
  • Mood booster


  • A europhic essential oil which inspires optimism and happiness.
  • A must have for women of all ages


  • AROMATIC DESCRIPTION: Sweet and floral notes
  • BOTANIC NAME: Salvia Sclarea
  • DERIVED FROM: The leaves and flowering tops of Salvia Scarea
  • METHOD OF EXTRACTION: Steam distillation


  • During your menstrual cycle, rub three to five drops on the abdomen for a soothing massage.
  • Combine with lavender and add to bath water for a relaxing bath.
  • Diffuse or apply to pillow at night for a restful sleep.
  • Add to shampoo or hair conditioner to promote healthy looking hair and scalp.
  • Combine with a carrier oil to massage and soothe the skin.