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Please see  Elle TENS Plus Instruction Manual 

For hire is the Elle TENS Plus, the most advanced natural pain management device for labour available in Australia. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a natural pain relief tool for your labour, as it assists and distracts you from the pains of labour, helping you through the labour process. Your hire booking is for 8 weeks. You will receive the TENS on or just before you are 36 weeks. Feel free to return the TENS anytime to us within the 8 weeks if you no longer require it.

A must-have for your birth plan / hospital bag

The Elle Tens Plus is an easy to use, gentle way to relieve the pain of contractions during labour by amplifying all your body’s amazing natural pain blocking abilities. The gentle electrical pulses block pain signals from reaching your brain & helps build endorphins, allowing for an overall better labouring experience.

The Elle Tens Plus is the ultimate in obstetric TENS, specifically designed for use during labour, and is perfectly safe for you and baby. The Elle Plus is more advanced as it has both a Birth mode and Pain Mode. So you may prefer one mode over the other during your labour, or use the Pain mode at home during your postpartum. Your gel pads can be reused many times if they are kept clean, and placed back on their film after labour use. Use the TENS at home for after birth pains, cramping or sciatica or birth trauma pain. If you would like to purchase extra gel pads, you can find them here.

How does hire work?

Let us know your due date in the calendar section on the hire page. We will have the TENS machine to you just before or during your 36 weeks gestation. If you require the TENS before 36 weeks gestation, after you have booked, please email letting us know.  

You will receive a reminder when your TENS hire is due back to us, just so you don't forget too.

Your TENS hire will include all that is needed to use the TENS:

  • 8 week hire of Elle TENS Plus, inbuilt contraction timer and Birth mode.
  • 4 x brand new reusable electrode pads
  • 2 x brand new AA batteries (we do recommend organising yourself a second set of batteries just in case).
  • 2 x leadwires
  • A carry pouch (to be returned to us please).  
  • Easy to read instruction card (full instruction manual can be found in the link above).
  • Australia Post Prepaid sticker for easy pre-paid return, to be placed onto the compostable satchel that the TENS arrives in. (Caring for the environment).
  • A delicious little whole food snack bar and some Mama Me tea just in case you need some energy during or after labour.

You can book your TENS whenever. If you prebook, we will ensure that your TENS arrives to you around your 36 weeks gestation. If you are due very soon, we will aim send your hire off as soon as possible. Safer to choose Express Shipping at checkout. 

You return the TENS machine back to us by placing the machine and all its contents/accessories by in the reusable pink satchel that your TENS hire arrived in (remember to cut the satchel at the dotted line for reuse). Then drop it at your local Australia Post. Please keep your receipt from Australia Post so that you can show us in case something goes wrong with the return. You will also receive a reminder when your TENS hire is due back to us, just so you don't forget.

Test your Elle TENS unit as soon as you receive it. Familiarising yourself with the unit and its functions will make for a more stress-free experience when your labour begins. If you have any problems or questions contact us ASAP so we can make sure you have everything under control for your beautiful birthing experience. 

DO NOT FORGET to check with your Health Insurance. Depending on the level of health cover, you may be eligible for a partial or full rebate on the hire or purchase of TENS units. 



  • 4
    Good service!

    Posted by Tina on 3rd Jul 2022

    I was pleased with the way the rental went - it was sent out in a timely manner and was relatively simple to use. A few extra touches like a breastfeeding brochure, snacks and tea were appreciated. Personally I didn’t feel like the TENS helped with labour pain that much, but that’s an individual thing - I had other monitoring and tubing attached to me so didn’t really want more wiring on me for long. Not the company’s fault. I’d still recommend people try it as an option.

  • 5
    Great rental service

    Posted by Emily on 27th Jun 2022

    The rental service received was superb. Delivered to home address when I was 36wk pregnant. TENS really helped for me during the initial labour process. I even had it on during active labour with nitrous only as the buzzing sensation provided me something to focus on. Returns were a breeze as well.

  • 5
    Tens machine

    Posted by Olivia on 18th Jun 2022

    Really pleased with the ease of hire, great customer service

  • 5
    Amazing service and product

    Posted by Josie Vella on 12th Jun 2022

    Birthmother team had my hire out to the same day, I was a little worried that I left it too late to organise but it arrived a couple of days later. The Tens machine I cannot speak more highly of, it helped me through a 16 hour labour. No other pain relief needed. Highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Amazing Service

    Posted by Rachel Murnane on 11th Apr 2022

    Very customer focused, had my email query answered very quickly. Thanks!

  • 5
    Welcome to the world Miss Marlo Grey

    Posted by Camilla on 18th Jan 2022

    Hello! Thank you so incredibly much for the TENS machine hire. It was truly instrumental throughout my pain medication free spontaneous labour! I discovered your business through my hypnobirthing class with Hannah Willsmore. I can't recommend this form of pain management technique enough for other birthing person's out there! During labour my entire focus was on breathing and trusting my body with the entire process. Throughout the 11 hours my fiance and I barely spoke. We knew our birthing plan as we had discussed it with one another constantly on the lead up to our special day! However we didn't really discuss the use of the TENS machine specifically. But it became simple and apparent once we were in active labour. She knew when I switched on the boost function I was going through a surge and once it was over I switched it off. She knew from these small cues when to offer me ice chips, when to ask me questions or when to lean in for a comfort/encouragement kiss. Our communication with one another extended beyond words. Erin, focused breathing, keeping active, our labour playlist and the TENS machine enabled me to achieve the biggest moment in my life with empowerment, confidence and ease. Such a fulfilling and out of body experience! The return delivery service and care package that came with this amazing machine was much appreciated also. I truly cannot thank your business enough and I will be sure to recommend this service in the future! Thank you again Birthmother

  • 5
    TENS machine

    Posted by Steph on 17th Jan 2022

    This was an absolute life saver! It really helped me get through each contraction by providing a distraction- although towards the end I had it on the boost mode non stop to get me through! Would really recommend, even if it isn’t as successful for you as it was for me, at least you’ll have added another “support mechanism” to your tool kit.

  • 5
    Amazing for pain relief during labour

    Posted by Laura on 31st Dec 2021

    I was a little sceptical of whether this would work - wow was I wrong. I used the TENS machine throughout my entire labour, and ended up only needing gas and air during the pushing stage. It worked amazingly well to manage the pain, and the contraction timer was extremely handy too. I will be telling every pregnant friend to hire one of these!

  • 5
    Very pleased!

    Posted by Filippa on 29th Dec 2021

    I had a very good experience with Birthmother and hiring a tens machine. I was far along in my pregnancy when I remembered I needed to hire a TENS machine for birth and I was scared it wouldn't arrive on time. I payed for express shipping and had a very good experience with customer service. They didn't have any machines available at the time but sent one out as soon as someone returned their. Thankfully arrived before I went into labor! Thank you for your great customer service.

  • 5
    Great during early labour stage

    Posted by Bianca on 24th Dec 2021

    This made the early stage of labour much more manageable compared to my first birth experience. It not only somewhat distracted me from the pain but also timed my contractions and breaks in-between so I could best prepare for each subsequent one. The hire process was also very simple and a great option if you're not willing for pay $$$ to purchase a device which you're unsure will work well for you.

  • 5
    Fabulous service

    Posted by Zoe V on 22nd Dec 2021

    Super impressed with the delivery and return process. Big wow!!

  • 5
    Elle tens plus

    Posted by Eliza on 26th Nov 2021

    Great for use during labour, start using it early to get the full effect. Loved that Birth Mother provided a prepaid return satchel. It made life with a newborn that little bit easier to return the product. Easy to use and appreciated the goodies inside. Thanks